Meet us!


The greatest gift we can give is our TIME. 
Years ago we started giving "experiences" for Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. We called it "giving memories" instead of gifts that no one can remember what they got - but everyone remembers the trip, the day of fun, the time to together. 
There are so many moments in life that we think "there's no way I will forget this"
but GUESS WHAT? We do! We forget what was said, we forget the tiny details, we forget the names, and places, etc. Can I get an AMEN?!


Have we traveled to a TON of places? NOPE. 
We do love to maximize the time we spend together.
The moments we spend together do no have to be elaborate. 
These moments become the memories that fill our hearts. 
We love "tracking" our travels with the scratch off maps and recalling the things we saw there, the places we went, the funny stories, the food we ate, what happened unexpectedly and more. 
We love recording time together through photos, journaling, videos and more! 
We love being a tiny part of your MOMENTS through the products that we create. 
READY to map it out? 
Seeking to track the moments? 
The time is now before any more moments pass you by